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Demandware is an eCommerce software platform offering enterprise retail stores the capabilities to create a competitive advantage. The agile solution has created growth for leading brands like Puma, adidas, Lacoste, and many more.

Engage your customers on all channels and all platforms

Demandware unifies the customer experience on all platforms. The Demandware Commerce Cloud enables the clients to innovate their shopping experience to meet the development of the consumers.

Put your customers first

Demandware puts your success in the same priority as their own. Therefore, the platform is designed to offer endless possibilities to innovate. The eCommerce Platform provides a full range of capabilities for marketing, order management, store operations, benchmarking and data analytics. The agile range is always evolving, maximizing your opportunities to evolve your business. 

Scandesign Media offers

We are OSF Global Commerce Alliance Members and in our partnership we colloborately develop Demandware solutions. We provide consultancy regarding your Demandware projects from the stage of establishment to further development and maintenance.

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Omnichannel Marketing

Unify your branding on all channels and on all platforms with omnichannel marketing.

Demandware Cloud

The multi-tenant Demandware Cloud architecture keeps your business agile with the latest updates.


We can ensure you the full potential of your Demandware solution by being an OSF Global Commerce Alliance Member.

Online Marketing

Improve your online presence with a media deal. Scandesign Media increases your conversion rate as well as followers on social media.


To automate the process between the web shop and the ERP system, integration is a solution that saves times and gives an overview.


Scandesign Media can integrate POS (Point of Sale) cash registers with existing web shops or when creating a new web shop.




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