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We design wireframes before the graphic layout, ensuring a schematic visual guide that is the skeleton of your website.

What are wireframes?

A website’s wireframes are a visual guide representing the frames for a website’s structure. Wireframes are created with the aim of arranging elements and features on the website in the best possible way so your company’s KPI’s are described in a correct and creative way. Wireframes depict each landing page’s layout and content, including interface elements and navigation systems and how they interact. Wireframes normally lack typographic style, colour and graphic as their primary focus is on functionality, behavior and content prioritization. In other words, they focus on what a website should be able to do, not on how the design looks.

Design and Concept Development

We help design and concept develop your company’s website and web shop.

Information Architecture

Websites need to be quick to navigate. Thereby, the customer experiences user friendliness and customer service from the first click.


Choosing the programming that fits the website’s functionality is key to long-term quality.




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