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CSR and IT – A Great Match!

How do you pair CSR and the web?


At Scandesign Media, knowledge and education equals freedom. Therefore, we have in collaboration with our partner in Ghana, founded Scandesign Multimedia Institute in Accra, which is to help young Africans get a broad understanding and knowledge of web design and programming. As the future offers a constant development of the Internet’s many opportunities, Scandesign Media anticipates that the Institute will help young people in Ghana to become part of the future of the Internet.


The Project

The world of IT is experiencing rapid growth and is not expected to stagnate any time soon. That is why we, in 2008, initiated a project in Ghana which is to help young Africans understand the many opportunities of the Internet within web design and programming.

To be able to help young Africans and help shape their future mean a lot to us. We feel it is our duty as a company to help where we can. For each youngster we are offering a knowledge and an understanding of the world of the Internet, we have made a difference – and we do not stop here. It is a motivation that has sharpened our taste for more and makes us continue to help.

“The Future” is a buzzword to us. We live in the Western World where the individual shapes his own identity and future. We appreciate the freedom this gives us, and the gratitude of having landed right here in Denmark makes us want to help others achieve the same freedom. If nothing else, then at least be guided toward this project.


Choosing the programming that fits the website’s functionality is key to long-term quality.

Design and Concept Development

We help design and concept develop your company website and web shop.


Depending on your web solution, we either host your homepage at a web hotel, on a shared server or on a dedicated server.




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